PEARL in brief

Unique advantages of PEARL

Located at the centre of North-western Europe, I-SITE ULNE is committed to providing
researchers with the best working environment
thanks to partner institutions and networks.
Meeting European standards for doctoral studies, PEARL aims to welcome and guide
30 recruited PhD students in the best conditions, provide them with a secure and unparalleled
environment to carry out their research. PhD students will benefit from an internationally
recognised scientific environment of excellence
in and around the Lille area. Concerning their
career development, they will be strongly immersed in the socio-economic world, participate
in workshops on the development of transferable skills and perform inter-sectoral activities
and internships in the best companies.

In addition, they will have to undertake internships at international partner universities or as
part of a co-supervised thesis-project. ULNE is also committed to collaborating with European
counterparts via a strategy of regional cooperation. The PEARL project will support this
international strategy and by strengthening collaborations with universities in north-western
Europe, in particular KU Leuven, Ghent University and the Catholic University of Louvain in
Belgium, Wageningen University & Research and Radboud University in the Netherlands and
the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, will commit to the development of a common
network. PEARL will thus fully support the I-SITE ULNE ambition to create a cross-border
European campus. The PEARL PhD students will participate in this goal by taking advantage
of the numerous collaborations between laboratories to carry out secondments as part of their