Call for research projects / eligibility

Eligibility of Supervisors

Supervisors will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Two I-SITE ULNE4 supervisors for one research project (plus external supervisor(s) in case of cotutelle, see below).
  • At least one of the two supervisors shall have an HdR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches);
  • Supervisors must be affiliated with a member of I-SITE ULNE consortium;
  • The supervisors have to belong to different hubs or one supervisor from a hub and the other one from a research unit attached to the member of the I-SITE ULNE consortium (see table above – section 3);
  • Supervisors must have proficiency in English for professional use;
  • Supervisors have to respect the criteria of the Doctoral schools.

Research projects requirements

  • Research project have to respect the "3i" principle and shall have two mandatory supervisors.
  • Projects will be funded for 3 years starting from the recruitment of the PhD student in September 2020;
  • No budget description is required;
  • The research projects must be submitted in English;
  • The research projects have to be in relation with the thematic afore mentioned (section 2) and an attention will be given on specific fields regarding the specific keywords (see above);
  • The research project must include at least 1-month of international and/or intersectoral (non-academic) secondment(s) (not needed for joint-degree with international partner;
  • The research projects should contribute to the Hauts-de-France RIS3 (Smart specialization) strategies.

Thesis subjects must respect ethical practices in research and will be ineligible otherwise.
Documents of reference are the “Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European U
nion” and
the “European Convention on Human Rights” from the European Union. Supervisors will be
asked to provide their CV in order to ensure that they have adequate experience for the
research project. The project itself will be detailed in a 6-page dossier explaining the research
project, its impacts and requirements (in terms of skills, etc.).

Supervisor training

  • To be fully eligible, at least one of the two supervisors shall follow a mandatory training on how to supervise a PhD students. (Do not take into account if you had already underttaken this training).